Dear WeatherTech Partner, 
One of the many benefits of our Diamond Dealer program is the Floor Liner rolling rack the accounts earn with their qualifying 
opening order. We all realize that when accessories are shown in the merchandising areas, sale opportunities increase
exponentially. In the past few years, we have gotten requests for further merchandising help. We are introducing a new 
shelving unit that will attach to the top of the current WeatherTech Floor Liner rolling rack. This additional shelf can hold a 
number of our other accessories allowing our dealers further merchandising of WeatherTech products. This rack is now 
available "Free" to the WeatherTech Diamond Dealer with a qualifying 4th quarter promotional order. Simply have the 
Diamond Dealer send in their qualifying order with the requested proof of performance and add Part #9PDFL1 and we will get 
the shelf unit sent to them N/C. This is yet another benefit of being a part of the Diamond Dealer program and our 
commitment to continue to increase our mutual sales. 
Thank you and if you have any questions, please contact Chuck Hugo at Nelson Truck: [email protected]